I am an advocate of wellness. A believer of dreams. A practitioner of yoga. A wanderer of the globe. A helper of people. A beloved child of God. 

And this is Essentially Joyful.

Essentially Joyful is a way of living. It is embracing and loving who you are, nourishing your body and soul daily, and living out passion and purpose with YOUR one wild life.  

For the last 16 years, I have supported women through childbearing and birth as an OB nurse and now nurse practitioner.  Growing, creating, inspiring and giving LIFE is central to who I am and what I do. Since finding doTERRA and a more holistic, simple way of living life, my purpose shifted to a deep passion for inspiring and teaching others how to move from the normal into the natural. Whether it's through essential oils, yoga or bringing your most authentic dream to life, I believe there is a beautiful path for you, built by you. It starts with finding the seed planted deep inside and beginning to water it intentionally every single day. 

I am a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher through Blue Yoga Nyla with Stacey Reynolds. Yoga cracked me open; allowed me to step out of my own way and offers a space to land in and a safe place to dream. Yoga is now inviting me to serve those who also need sanctuary. My greatest honor is to have the chance to guide you into discovering the way you want to give your life, life.  I want to walk with you, as you draw closer to the natural and lean into the unbounded spirit and freedom that has been planted within you. Are you ready to discover the magic hidden within?

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